Ingleton, Yorkshire Sunday 26th September 2010

Today’s Walks

Strenuous Leader: Dag Griffiths   Distance: 12 miles

From Ingleton we pick up the bridleway across Ingleborough Common to the summit of Ingleborough (724 metres). From the summit we descend to Gaping Ghyll and make our way to Clapham, passing Ingleborough Cave and following alongside Clapham Beck. From Clapham we take paths across fields (likely to be muddy) to Newby and Cold Cotes, before completing the walk on quiet roads.

Moderate Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton   Distance: nearly 9 miles

Although it is a bit longer than usual, it is not very strenuous and has few stiles. We leave town and go along part of the Ingleton Trail (hopefully we will not be charged as we will be going the ‘wrong way’. We then make our way to Chapel le Dale along what is known as the Roman road. There’s a delightful little chapel here where many of the people, and family members, who where involved in the building of the Ribblehead Viaduct, are buried. We then make our way along the moor where there are some great views including Ribblehead in the distance, before coming down the escarpment and down the road back into town.

If the weather is bad with poor visibility we will not be going along the moor as it would be easy to get lost, and also we do not want to lose anyone down one of the deep pot holes which line part of the route. If the weather is wet we will shorten the walk, and take an alternative low level route back to town.

Leisurely Leader: Sully Adam  Distance: 6 miles

From Ingleton we go up through disused quarries to the top of the waterfalls (some stepping stones) and back either the same way or along quiet lanes.

Easy Leader: Cynthia Prescott & Joan McGlinchey Distance : About 4.5 miles

Ingleton is famous for waterfalls and we walked the designated Waterfall Trail. It is a 4.5 miles long waymarked path which takes you through Swilla Glen, Pecca Falls, Hollybush Spout, Thornton Force, Beezley Falls, Rival Falls, Baxenghyll Gorge, Snow Falls and Swilla Glen. It is an interesting trail on good paths which takes you up one river, across the moorland, through woods, past a cafe, down along another river and past a disused quarry. The falls are certainly impressive after a lot of rain, even when the water is brown!

However, there is a cost of £4 for walking a private section of the route and we found there were many steep steps going up and down which we felt may not suit some ramblers who choose an easy walk. Therefore we had to look for alternative walks and reccied the start of the old Roman Road which runs between the two rivers up to the moor to meet the Trail. It will take you up to the higher falls without costs and with less steps. We also have directions for a walk to the village of Burton in Lonsdale and back along the lower river.

We intend to discuss with the walkers which route they wish to take and can split the group for part of the walk if necessary.