Ilkley, Yorkshire Sunday 28th March 2010

Today’s Walks

Strenuous Leader: Rowland Nock     Distance: 9.5 miles

Our walk today initially heads off down to the site of the Roman fort by the banks of the River Wharfe. Following the river for a short way, we wend our way through Ilkley heading west into the beautiful Heber’s Ghyll with its many bridges. We exit the Ghyll onto Ilkley Moor.

Taking a short detour to see the ‘Swastika Stone’ we traverse round to the ‘White Wells’. Climbing on past Ilkley Crags we wend our way up to the trig point marking the summit of Rombalds Moor (402m). From here we circle the moor back to the ‘Twelve Apostles’ standing stones then onto Burley Moor via the higher and lower Lanshaw Dams. Finally, descending to the lovely Dales Way Link/Ebor Way, which takes us back to Ilkley via the spectactular ‘Cow & Calf’ rocks for some well earned tea and tiffin.

Moderate Leader: Chris Cox     Distance: 9 miles circular

Ilkley – Barmishaw – Swastika Stone – Noon Stone – Black Hill – Millstone Lumps – Addingham Moorside – Small Banks – Street Farm – Hallcroft Hall – Sewage Works – Dales Way – Ilkley.

This walk tries to provide a taste of all the countryside around Ilkley. We start off with a short steep uphill section just to get you all warmed up, as we join the Millennium Way and skirt the edge of Ilkley Moor. We travel along the edge of the moor and cross into the adjourning Addingham High Moor, reaching approx 1200 feet in the most leisurely manner possible. The price for this gentle ascent is a rather steep descent back into the Wharfe valley; some care is required here, but nothing you can’t handle! After that we cross farmland, and at one point the A65, to teach the River Wharfe which we follow back to Ilkley, using the Dales Way path. There is a short section of road walking, but it is a quiet B road, next to the A65.

Leisurely Leader: Derek Lee     Distance : 7 miles

Today’s walk is a figure of 8 as a result of missing footpaths and bridges encountered on the recce, as well as a pack of vociferous dogs, We cross the river and walk through the park before climbing steadily 350 feet, plus a long flight of steps, through Middleton Woods and on to Primrose Hill. Then across fields to Middleton before another easy 250 feet ascent up Hunger Hill to the edge of the moorland, halfway through the walk. From here it’s downhill on Parks Lane track and retracing our steps down Primrose Hill before we turn west to Austby and return through Owler Park woods and along the riverside.

Easy Leader: Peter Denton     Distance: 5 Miles

Unfortunately, but rather excitingly, I have not been able to reconnoitre this walk. This is due to circumstances beyond my control. We will be walking by the river along some roads, then across fields through woods. Over stiles. A bit of evetything. Happy rambles!