Llangollen, Wales Sunday 27th September 2009

Today’s Walks

Strenuous Leader: Dag Griffiths Distance: 12 miles, total Ascent 840 m

Crossing the river and the canal we pick up the Llangollen History Trial which skirts the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran and brings us on to Offa’s Dyke Path. At Trevor Rocks we continue our ascent along the limestone edge of Creigiau Eglwseg which offers stunning views. East of Rock Farm we head east across the moorland of Bryn-Adda Flat – again with great views. Heading towards Bryn-Adda we begin our return leg picking up country lanes overlooking the Vale of Llangollen. On our return to the town centre we skirt the other side of Castell Dinas.

Moderate Leader: Jackie gudgeon Distance: 8 miles

We leave Llangollen by crossing the river and canal and heading towards Castell Dinas Bran as far as Geufron. We follow a path round the foot of Castell Dinas to join the Panorama Walk before heading west along the top of Trevor Rocks, past Eglwseg Plantation after which we might drop down to the Offa’s Dyke Path or we could stay high for a little longer (depending on weather etc). Either way we eventually descend into the valley to pass, on the return journey, Abbey Cottage and Valle Crucis Abbey, before joining the Llangollen Canal back to Llangollen.

Leisurely Leader: Sully Adam Distance : 6.5 – 7 miles

We start off from the bridge over the River Dee, along the canal for a short while, then to Castell Dinas Bran and along to Trevor. Back along the Llangollen Canal.

Easy Leader: Sue Daniels Distance: 5 miles

Firstly I had better point out that I have not pre-walked where I intend taking you today but most of it is canal walking so no real chance of getting lost! After leaving the coach we make our way up to the canal where there is a café and we can have a quick cuppa and snack. From here we follow the canal, making our way to the beautiful crescent shaped Horseshoe Falls and we can enjoy the view. We then head up to Llantysilio Church and hopefully can take a look inside. The route then continues up and across Velvet Hill before reaching Valle Crucis Abbey where we can wander for a while and possibly have lunch here. We then head back to Llangollen along the same canal path.