Eyam 30th March 2008

Today’s Walks

Strenuous Leader: Jimmy Need   Distance: 10-11 miles

Today’s walk starts with a gentle climb up to Mompesson’s Well; we then make our way over Eyam Moor to Hazelford Hall. From here we make our way down the lovely valley with the summit of Bole Hill to our left and Smelting Hill to our right, names which, together with that of Leadmill Bridge, make clear the area’s industrial past. Then, if you all behave yourselves, we will have a little detour?? After this, we do the last bit of the walk up a hill, but this is no ordinary hill, this is Sir William Hill. We then pass the Ladywash Mine, still extracting fluorspar from 800 ft down. We conclude today’s walk with a nice little amble down to Eyam for well deserved refreshments.

Moderate PLUS Leader: Jackie Gudgeon   Distance: 9 miles

Eyam – Riley Graves – Stoney Middleton – Coombs Dale – Middleton Moor – Castlegate Stud Farm – Foolow – Eyam.
From Eyam we will visit the Riley Graves en route to Stoney Middleton, before dropping down to Coombs Dale, out past what seems to be a large flooded quarry and through fields and stiles through Foolow and back to Eyam. Quite a bit of up and down through a very varied landscape. Will probably be muddy along the field paths.

Moderate Leader: Ruth Melling & Hazel Anderton   Distance: 7-8 miles

Eyam – Sir William Hill – Eyam Moor – Stoke Ford – Bretton Clough – Eyam Edge – Eyam.
A pleasant walk, past the Llama farm, through fields, past streams on to the hill top with lovely views of Eyam and the surrounding district, and back into the very interesting village of Eyam.

Leisurely Leader: Ramlah Eaton   Distance : 6 miles

Eyam – Darlton Quarry – Black Harry Lane – Rough Side – Coombs Dale – Stoney Middleton – Top Riley – Riley Graves – Eyam.
From the village we pass through a quarry and circle round via tracks, fields and stiles until we get to the pretty village of Stoney Middleton. Here we can take a bit of time to view the church, the Roman baths, and investigate the warm water of a small spring. Claimed to be a constant 63 deg F. it’s a bit of a geological anomaly. From here we have a steep climb to do, up to a good view of the surrounding area. Then we shall go and see the famous Riley Graves, a tragic link to the Black Death that visited these parts over 300 years ago, Finally, we make our way down to the village again, and maybe visit the “Miners Arms” – other watering holes and cafes are also available.

Easy Leader: Adelaide Houghton   Distance: 5.5 miles

Eyam – Foolow – Bretton – King William Hill – Eyam.
Starting at Eyam, we take road and field paths uphill to Foolow – plenty of stops. Then road walking to Bretton and King William Hill before dropping down through fields and minor roads back to Eyam. Field paths will be muddy.